I can offer the following workshops. Where and when can be arranged to suit the needs of an individual or group.

Adult mixed media workshops 

An introduction to painting with acrylics and how to combine them with other media, such as inks and pastel.

Creative Drawing Workshops

From absolute beginners up to more confident students. Come and enjoy using a range of pencils and drawing tools. Plenty of inspiration and encouragement.

One to one sessions

These can be of value for people who want to learn a specific skill.


Art and Craft workshops for adults with learning difficulties.

Enjoyment, social interaction and increased self-esteem are the main objectives for these workshops. I encourage exploration of a range of materials and techniques and support the learners to work as independently as they can. We often make items that can be used and this gives a great sense of achievement.

Past projects have included fabric painted bags, hand -stitched slip cases and painted canvases.